wax + words + welding



WORDS are one of the creative tools that allow me to form the infrastructure of my art.   I’ve always loved to write.   As I work on a piece I have a story running in my mind that helps to define the aesthetics of the piece.  Storytelling fascinates me…I think it is a window into how we each view and process the world. I’m amazed at how different and alike we are when I hear storytellers share their experiences. 

I love the aesthetics of letters.  Years as a graphic artist have given me an appreciation for the architecture of the alphabet and how to use it as an element of design.  As I grew as an artist, I discovered that I love to work three dimensionally, sculpturally, and learned to use a mixture of mediums including metal, concrete, found objects, natural wood, old tin, glass mosaics, and encaustic WAX.  

Learning about encaustic wax provided a huge leap in my visual language.  At my core I am inspired by nature and love incorporating natural material in my pieces. Encaustic wax enhanced my process of presenting these elements within my art. The wax medium is amazingly versatile and has a mysterious, dreamlike patina.  I’m drawn to the contrast of this natural, ancient medium against the more industrial, contemporary materials I use in my work like cast concrete, found industrial elements, and welded metal.  

WELDING empowered me.  Giving my art a powerful dimension, by allowing me to coax metal into the infrastructure and the embellishment of my work.  I want my work to express a strong sense of self and a connection to the past, creating artwork that has both an ancient and contemporary feel. 

Resume and references are available on request. Please email me at artwork@townsendcolvin.com